Armin Amirian


Iran is a rich depository of contributions in the field of art, architecture, music, literature and cinema. The city of Isfahan, in particular, of opulent architectural structures and is the birthing ground of many prominent Iranian artists and prominent figures. It is also the home of Armin Amirian, a 20-year-old photographer and artist who, inspired by the work of many before him and the plight of his country, has chosen to create dynamic interpretations of the collective experiences of boasts his people.

He has one important mentor: his father. The elder Amirian taught him what he knows in theater, painting, sculpture and music. His first camera was a gift from his father. The younger Amirian soon developed a passion for photography and film, and pursued a career in these fields.

Amirian was previously into documentary photography, but it didn’t satisfy him. “I wanted to recreate locations, direct, and then take photos…to expose something and say that I want it to be seen and heard. All the photos you see have the same decoupage and creation of a film.” Although Amirian’s photos reflect social issues, they are in fact, the artist’s interpretations, and not documented real-life scenes. 

© Jill Tan Radovan